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The princess and the Frog King II (by Katharina Theil)

Once upon a very long time, there was a princess that had found her prince. I think you all know the story about the princess and the Frog King, don't you? Well, and now the princess and the prince (who once was a frog because he had been bewitched) wanted to get married within a few days. But in the morning of their wedding day, the prince wasn't there anymore. Everybody was looking for him and the whole village was out on the streets in order to look for him, but nobody could find him. The princess cried badly because she was badly in love with her prince. In the evening the princess received a letter: "Hello princess! If you want to marry your prince you have to search for him! If you don't find him within 48 hours he will stay a frog forever!" The witch The princess was shocked. She packed her bag with a bottle of water, a jacket, and the letter and immediately went on a trip by herself. She had been walking for a long time. She passed seven mountains, so high, that she couldn't walk anymore. When she got to a little house she knocked on the door. A little man opened it just a little bit and screamed: “We don't want to buy anything!“ “But I won't sell you anything!“ the princess replied. “Oh, really? I’m very sorry, I thought you were one of these merchants...Who are you and why are you knocking at my door?“ The little man opened the door a bit more and came out. “I come from a little village and I had been walking for days because I'm looking for my boyfriend. I'm dog-tired and hungry. I need a place to sleep!“ the princess said. “OK. Come on in!“ the little man replied and waved her into the house. “These are my brothers!“ the man pointed at six other little men, who sat on the floor. “We are dwarfs!“ said one “that's why we’re so small.“ “What are you doing here?“ asked another. The princess told them her story. “May I see the letter?“ a dwarf wanted to know. The princess took the paper out of her backpack and showed it to him. “It's what I thought... your prince is under the spell of the witch who lives in the forest!“ “We'll help you finding her!“ one said happily. They all ate dinner together and then they went to bed. The next morning they got up early and made their way to the witch. The dwarfs were singing songs and the princess told them some stories until they finally arrived at a house, that was made out of gingerbread and sweets. “There it is! The house of the witch!“ Next to the house there was a cage with a little boy inside. The dwarfs and the princess ran to the boy. “Help me, please!“ he whispered. “I'm Hänsel and me and my sister and the frog are prisoners here. The princess answered: “Don’t worry, we'll help you!“ “Shhhhhh... you have to be quiet! The old witch might hear us! The key for the cage is over there!“ he pointed at a stone in front of the house. Suddenly the door opened. The witch screamed: “What are you doing?“ The dwarf threw the key to the others, grabbed the witch and the princess opened the cage. The little men quickly ran towards the witch and put her into ties. Hänsel screamed: “Gretel, froggy, come out!“ and his sister came out with the Frog Prince in her hands. They put the witch into the oven and ran away. The princess was so happy that she kissed the frog a hundred times and -what a surprise- he turned into a human prince again! A few weeks later the couple married and invited the seven dwarfs and Hänsel and Gretel to their wedding, too. And they all lived happily ever after. The End
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