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Sad, happy, and sad again (by Nathalie Heinz)

Chapter 1: Who likes me? Mia is a girl, who loves animals and is very good at school. At 6 o’clock her alarm clock rings, so she wakes up and goes to the bathroom. She brushes her teeth and washes her face. Then she goes downstairs into the kitchen and eats her birthday cake. Today’s her birthday, but Mia is very sad because her parents are in London and she will be alone every day and every night. Mia thinks that her parents don’t like her. One reason might be that she didn’t get a present and her parents didn’t even call her to say “Happy Birthday”. At 7 am she goes to the bus stop, and at 8 am she is at school. She hasn’t got any friends, that’s why she sits alone. When the break starts nobody wants to play with her. Her art teacher comes up to her and says: “That won’t last!” “What? Why?” Mia replies. “You haven’t got any friends, right?” “Yes!” “So tomorrow there will be a new girl in your class.” “Really?” Mia is very happy now. After school she goes to the bus stop again. She suddenly hears a strange noise near the tree so she decides to go there because she wants to know what it is. But then she hears the bus coming and the driver shouts:” Come in, the last stop is Sun street!” Mia likes the bus driver. She has known him since she went to first grade, but she is also really curious about what there might be near the tree, so she tells the driver that she’ll walk to her grandma today. The driver closes the doors and drives off. Mia didn’t tell him the truth. She doesn’t have any grandmas or grandpas - or she didn’t get do know them. Then, when she feels like nobody’s watching she goes behind the tree and what does she see? A basket! Mia looks into it and finds a little cat in there. She is just about to take the basket, when suddenly an old man appears. She is so scared that she grabs the basket and runs away. Back at home she gives the cat some milk. “It’s two pm now.” Mia says to her cat: ”I’ll do my homework and after that we’ll go to the vet’s and let the doctor examine you. After that we should go to the supermarket and buy some food for you.” At half past three they are waiting at the vet’s. When he comes in he wonders: “Where are your parents?” “They are in London.” “OK” he replies and begins to take a closer look at her cat. “Your cat is fine, you can go home” says Doctor Michael. Outside the doctor’s office they are waiting for a taxi. Finally, at 6 o’clock they arrive at the supermarket. Mia buys a new basket for the cat to sleep in, a mouse toy, a yellow ribbon, food and a lot of milk. When it’s their turn to pay, the woman at the cash desk says “20 dollars, please!” At half past seven they finally arrive, when Mia notices a postcard in front of her door. She reads it out loud: Hello Mia, The weather is wonderful, so we decided to stay here for one more year. Maybe we’ll never come back! We’re just joking  Love, mum and dad After reading the words she begins to cry. They didn’t even mention her birthday. Chapter 2: The new girl Today Mia is very excited because there is going to be a new girl in her class. At 6 o’clock her alarm clock rings again. In the bathroom she does her hair, brushes her teeth and washes her face. Then she runs downstairs and eats very fast. When she wants to leave for the bus stop, she hears her kitten complaining “Miau, miau!”. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” Mia apologizes and puts Amandine into her bag. When the bus arrives, Mia notices that there’s a new bus driver. Immediately she asks him: “Where is Mr. Love?” That was the old driver’s name.” “He died yesterday.” Mia is shocked. “When is the funeral?” she asks. “I don’t know” the new driver replies and the bus takes off. At school, Mia sees her art teacher who is just talking to a girl. “That must be the new girl!” Mia whispers to her bag. In the classroom the new girl asks Mia whether she could sit next to her. Mia thinks that’s a good idea. “Yes, of course!” In Maths the two girls keep talking nonstop. They get along very well. But then Mia suggests writing each other little messages in order to not talk during the lesson. This is the new girl’s message: Name: Rebecca Birthday: 12.02.2000 Brothers/Sisters: 1 brother Pets: dog (Bello) Adress: Timestreet 6, 252 Northampton Friends: none Likes: swimming Dislikes: homework This is Mia`s message: Name: Mia Birthday: 03.04.2000 Brothers/Sisters: none Favorite colour: blue Favorite animal: dolphin Subject: French After finishing their little letters to each other the school break starts. They take their lunch boxes with them and sit down on the stairs. Every one of them reads through the message of the other. Then the new girl says: “My favorite color is blue, too!” “Really?!” Mia shouts excitedly. They start talking through the whole break and even the two lessons after that. Mia is so happy about finally having a friend. Chapter 3: Over sleeping at Mia’s After school Mia asks her new friend Rebecca: “Do you want to sleep over at my house tonight?” “Let me see, I’ll call my mum and ask her. Could I use your mobile?” “Yes, of course, here you are!” Mia replies and gives Rebecca her mobile. Rebecca: “Hello mum!” Mum: “What’s the matter, darling?” Rebecca: “I have a question, could I sleep over at Mia’s house tonight? She’s my new friend.” Mum: “No!” Rebecca: “Please mummy!” Mum: “Well, alright, but I won’t bring you anything !” Rebecca: “That’s okay, mum.” Mum: “What time in the morning should I pick you up and where?” Rebecca: “Wait a second, mum. “My Mum asks when she should come in the morning and where you live, Mia.” “Tell your mum to come at 10 am. My address is Learnstreet 8” Mia says. Rebecca: “Mum, pick me up at Learnstreet 8 at 10 am.” Mum: “Okay, bye!” Rebecca: “Bye! Mia, where do I hang up?” At 7 pm both girls are back home after they went shopping. Mia bought shoes, a t-shirt, a pair of trousers and a stylish bag. Rebecca has only bought a blue hotpants. At home the girls go into Mia’s room and put everything they bought on her table. They go downstairs to the living room, and while Mia gets some crisps she says: “Today there is Toy Story on. Rebecca jumps up: “I love this movie!” So they go upstairs very, very slowly because they are really exhausted, fall onto the couch and switch on the television and start to enjoy the movie. After the movie they brush their teeth, fall into bed and fall asleep immediately. Chapter 4: Alone again. At 9 o’clock in the morning Mia’s alarm clock rings. Mia turns around, but what’s that? Where is Rebecca? Mia runs downstairs. Then she looks into the kitchen, Rebecca’s not there. She looks into the bathroom, Rebecca’s not there. She can’t find her anywhere in the house, so she thinks: “I just have to look whether her bag and her shoes are in my room.” Upstairs again, she looks at her table, where they both put their things yesterday. She notices that Rebecca’s things are gone, but there’s a small note on her table: Hello Mia, Sorry that I didn’t tell you the truth. In reality I’m from Germany and I am a circus performer. My parents have a circus, so we were only staying here for one week. But I had a lot of fun with you. Maybe we’ll come back one day. If you still want to be my friend, here is my number: 0911/ 9 60 08 39 I would like you to call me one day! Love, your friend Rebecca While Mia is reading Rebecca’s note, tears are rolling down her face. But I, the author, knows that Mia, her cat Amandine and Rebecca will be friends forever. Always remember: Everyone can have a friend, but sometimes you must wait for the right person. If you don’t have any friends at school, you will have a lot of friends when you’re an adult. That’s for sure! THE END
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