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A terrible dream (by Pauline Miller)

It was cold and dark. Snow was falling down and landed on the white ground between the trees in the forest. Jackie looked around and saw a little hill that was covered with snow. What was it? It looked strange, like a mad snowdrift. But was it really only a snowdrift? Jackie took a closer look. And now she could see what it was. It looked like a person. A dead person. She closed her eyes and was horrified, but she couldn’t remove the pictures from her head. “Oh my God!” she whispered. Her voice sounded loud between the trees. Jackie started to run. She wanted to be away, far away, so far away as possible, but the memories came back again and again. Jackie tried to push them away, but she didn’t manage to. The pictures were there again and again, and she was thinking about how the person in the snow might have looked like. More and more snowflakes fell down. Finally, the pain in her lungs let her stop. She tried to breathe quieter and more slowly but kept on looking around. She recognized that she didn’t know where she was anymore and decided to follow the path. After a few minutes, Jackie went on through the dark forest on the narrow path that was covered with cold, white snow. She was staring into the darkness through the trees and was listening to every noise. But the silence was everywhere. Once again she thought of the dead body. Did she only imagine all this? No, she was sure that it was real. But when he was dead, someone must have killed him. And if this person still was in the forest, Jackie might meet him, too…she stopped walking and held her breath. Suddenly it seemed like there would be noises everywhere around her. Hadn’t there been a click next to her? She took a deep breath and kept on walking. The snow had stopped falling down and the path became wider and more open. She saw a clearing in the forest. The moon made the high grass that grew there look unreal. On the other side, the path went on into the forest and disappeared into the darkness. Jackie ran across the clearing, but when she was standing in the middle of it, she stepped onto something hard under the snow. It made a terrible noise - like breaking bones - and she stopped. Jackie looked down at her feet and was horrified. Next to her foot she saw some blue material, like jeans material. A shrill shout came out of Jackie’s mouth and like a maniac she ran onto the trail as fast as she could. She ran away from the dead body lying there on the ground. Her whole body trembled and she was staggering. The trees were turning around her faster and faster. She tried to grab the branch of a tree, but instead she grabbed into the emptiness. Being overwhelmed she closed her eyes and fell down. Everything turned black. When Jackie opened her eyes, she saw the white ceiling of a small room. She raised her head and looked around. There were many beds standing one after another with white bedclothes, like the bed she was lying in. There was a strong smell of disinfectant and medicine in the air. She looked at the people who were lying in the beds. Most of them had their eyes closed, but some of them were as well starring at the ceiling. In the bed next to Jackie there was a girl of the same age. She had red hair and her eyes were closed. Suddenly, the shock came back in Jackie’s brain like a huge wave. Pictures of the first man who had been lying dead in the snow, shot through her brain. She closed her eyes, still being horrified and tried to eliminate those thoughts. This time there was a noise next to her. She looked at the girl who had woken up and was now praying loudly. When she noticed that Jackie was watching her, she smiled at her. Jackie whispered: ”Where are we?” “In hospital” she answered. “Oh my God!” Jackie thought and fell back into her pillow. They were quiet for a while, but then the girl wanted to know: ”What happened to you?” “I saw a dead body in the forest.“ “Poor girl! But if you believe in God, soon everything will be okay, I know that for sure.” The girl wanted to go on talking, but suddenly a man stood up and shouted: ”Murderer! Murderer!” The young lady whispered: ”That’s normal here! Don’t worry!” After a few minutes she asked Jackie:” Do you want to go to the chapel with me?” At first Jackie hesitated, but then she said: ”Okay. By the way, what’s your name?” “I’m Amie. And you?” “My name is Jackie. And… what happened to you?” Her eyes went black and she mumbled:” My brother had been killed and I was in a shock.” “Oh! I’m very sorry for you!” “Thank you.” She smiled sadly. Then she pushed a button and a few minutes later, a nurse came in. ”We want to go to the chapel together.” The nurse nodded and went behind the two girls through the room to the door, then along a wide corridor until she reached another door. Finally, they arrived in an old, small room with a picture of Maria and a cross with Jesus. It only had one window, so it was almost dark. Amie sat down on a bench made out of wood and began to pray. Jackie sat next to her. Again she began to think about what had happened to her. But here in the small, quiet room it wasn’t that terrible like in her hospital bed with the smell of disinfectant surrounding her. It was quiet for a while, but then Amie asked:” What are you doing? Are you praying?” Jackie said no. “If you pray and talk to God, it’ll become better, believe me. I often talk to God, and he tells me that Jim is okay although he’s in heaven.” “I’ll try it” Jackie said. Then she closed her eyes and said to herself: “Dear God, please do something against the pictures in my head. They are terrible and I can’t forget them. Please let them disappear! Amen.” When she opened her eyes again, Amie was looking at her and smiling. From that time on, Jackie often went to the chapel, alone or with Amie. She prayed to God and enjoyed the silence there, so that she could think about all the things that were on her mind. And every time she came out of the small room, she felt a little bit better. After two weeks, she could go home, but she believed in God for the rest of her life. The End
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