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Respect the others! (by Stefanie Zöllner)

“You're ugly! You can't do anything right!“ That's what I hear every day. I am a special girl, but the others aren't interested in me. All of the pupils hate me. I am really disappointed because nobody respects me. My father asked me to change to a special school for people like me, but I don't want to. I don't want to show the others that I am afraid, I want to be strong. Every week I must go to see a doctor because I am disabled. Two years ago, when I was eleven years old and my parents and I were sitting in the car going to Disney World. My parents were discussing and screaming at each other. Just for one moment when my father didn't look at the street, he drove into another car and hit it with our right side. My mother and I were both badly injured. My mom didn't survive. I hurt my head so heavily that I will suffer from a mental disability for the rest of my life. When I heard about my mother's death I was shocked. I began to cry. I only thought “Oh no, my mom is lovely mother.....why her?” Today I live with my father in a tiny village near the forest without any roads. My name is Hanna Corner and I'm 13 years old. I'm a blond girl and I don’t have any friends at school. And then my life suddenly has changed really fast and unexpected. Here you are guys! In August when it is really warm my school prepared a festival with a competition for disabled people. It was a charity run where disabled people run as fast as they can. For each round they run, they get money which will then be given to the poor people. I was really happy when I saw the leaflet in our classroom. The others laughed: “Haha! Hanna you can't run, you can't do anything, you're a loser!“ I was so disappointed by their comments. Why do all the pupils hate me? I was so sad about this but at the same time I knew that I wanted to take part in that run. On the day of the competition I was really excited because I wanted to collect much money. A bell rang and the run had started. The rounds were really long and many disabled people were running with me, but I wanted to win. After 20 rounds I hardly couldn't run anymore, but I wanted to stay strong and keep running. There were just two pupils who were still running with me.... “Hanna, you’re the winner!“ my dad came to me and hugged me. I was so happy. Suddenly the pupils from my class came to me and one of them said that I had been really good and that I had collected 200 dollars. My first thought was: “They finally respect me! They really do!“ On the next day at school all of them were really friendly to me and I was so happy and I am still happy! Please remember to respect every person because everyone can be perfect if you really want it! The End
18.8.13 11:03
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