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Dream or reality? (by Yvonne Ansorge)

Yvonne wakes up early in the morning, full of sweat and crying out loud. What a terrible dream! She remembers: At first everything seemed to be nice. Her new boyfriend Pierre invited her to a romantic date on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, where they both live. They had a wonderful dinner and they really had a lot of fun together. Love was in the air. But suddenly, after a romantic kiss he shouted: “You are a bad woman, I hate you!” He took a knife out of his pocket and killed her. Yvonne thinks:”What a nonsense!” She stands up, takes a shower and goes to work, she’s a pilice officer at the Paris Police Department. She has nearly forgotten about her dream when Pierre calls her at work:”Hey my darling. Would you like to go on a romantic trip with me this evening? I’ll pick you up at half past six.” He doesn’t wait for an answer, but hangs up the phone. She feels happy and shocked at the same time. What a surprise! But it’s like in her dream. She remembers the first time she met Pierre. A famous person from Paris was killed in his office. Pierre was working for this man. Yvonne had to interview Pierre about what had taken place that day. How glad Yvonne was when Pierre was declared innocent and they arrested the real murderer. After the courtyard’s decision, they had their first dinner together and fell in love immediately Yvonne smiles and can’t wait until work is over. She puts on her best and sexiest dress. Then, the doorbell rings. Pierre looks wonderful and Yvonne falls into his arms. They drive to the Eiffel Tower and go up with the elevator to the highest platform. There Pierre has arranged a table and ordered her favorite meal: Ratatouille. Yvonne should feel like in heaven, but she isn’t surprised because everything is exactly as it was in her terrible dream. But she wipes away her thoughts: She just has too much fantasy. Pierre is so lovely, he can’t be a bad guy. So they keep enjoying their dinner. When the moon appears at the sky, they rest alone at the platform. Pierre takes her body close to his and starts to kiss her. “What a sweet taste!” Yvonne thinks. But then she recognizes that Pierre slowly puts his arm into his pocket. “Oh, no! The knife!” she thinks and jumps back. She’s in panic. ”He’ll kill me!” But, what a surprise! Pierre stands there with a golden ring in his hand and whispers nervously:”What’s wrong? I want to ask you if you want to marry me.” Yvonne feels so ashamed: ”Of course I want to! I feel so lucky!” Arm in arm they go and wait for the elevator to come. When it arrives, Yvonne turns around to take one more look. And what does she see? A knife on the floor… The End
18.8.13 11:00
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