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The little prisoner (by Yannick Zeh)

Once upon a time, there was a little boy. He did many things that were forbidden. But when he once tried to kill a cat, a policeman came and arrested him. At court, they could proof all the other bad things he had done in his life before. And therefore he had to go to prison for a long, long time. In prison, he was the youngest one and the other prisoners were bullying and punching him all the time. That was not good for him and he felt terrible. After a few days his arm was broken and he had lots of bloody wounds. When he came out of prison, he swore that he would never do anything bad in his life. Don’t do anything which isn’t allowed or you will end up like the little prisoner. The End
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The evil princess (by Stephanie Schmidt)

Part I Once upon a time, there were four countries: the red one, the blue one, the green and the yellow one. But the yellow country was a little bit different from the other countries. It was reigned by a 14 year old princess with her twin brother as a servant. The princess was called Victoria, her twin was called Victor. The people often called Victoria “Daughter of Evil” because she was a very, very evil princess. But her brother was really nice, friendly and polite. He felt very embarrassed because his sister was that evil. When their parents died, she was the one who took over the crown and had the power over the yellow country. A few days after she had become princess, she made people pay more taxes. Her people weren’t happy about that, so a young mother, who originally was from the red country (she moved from the red country to the yellow country a long time ago because she married a yellow country man), stepped up to the princess and asked her to reduce the taxes. She fell on her knees and begged: “Please beautiful princess, my family is very poor and we haven’t got enough to eat.” The princess just smiled and said: “She’s annoying. Kill her!” Then her knights came, took her and pulled her out. Victor was really sad when he saw what was happening. The woman was crying very badly, but he couldn’t do anything. “My mother!“ she cried. “She“ was the daughter of the young woman that was killed. Her name was Maike. “That can’t be true!” she said. “This must be a joke!” Her brother Sam answered: “It’s true! She’s dead. The “Daughter of Evil” said that she was annoying and her knights killed our mother!” “Why is she so evil?” cried Maike. “Nobody knows. We just have to accept that our mother is dead.” But Sam was furious: “No! I won’t accept that. I want revenge. I will kill her. I will kill the princess.” “And how?” Maike asked. “I mean, you haven’t got any army or soldiers to do that, have you?” “I will find soldiers, you‘ll see…” he replied with a serious look in his face. Part II Meanwhile in the green country: “Haku?” Sophia said. She was a young girl who worked in a shop, where they were selling beautiful dresses. “What’s the matter?” Haku answered. Haku was a girl, too. But she was a little bit different from the other girls. Everybody in the green country had green hair (red country – red hair, blue country – blue hair, yellow country - yellow hair). But her hair was white, so she was an outcast and didn’t have any friends. “My boyfriend is so cute!” Sophia smiled. “Every day you are telling me the same thing…” groaned Haku. “Hey! Don’t be so mean!” said Sophia.” I’m not mean, it’s only the truth!” Haku told her while she was working on a black dress. “By the way …” Sophia said while she was slowly putting on her bag. “Finish my dress, please! I’ll meet my boyfriend in five minutes!” she said and quickly ran away. Haku screamed: “Hey! I have to finish my dresses, too!” After she had screamed, she whispered to herself: “Sophia is always so lazy!” Part III A few days later in the yellow country: Victor was just about to leave his country to buy clothes in the green country. A few hours after Victor had gone away, a prince arrived. The princess saw him and said to her knights: “Let him in!” and they did so. The blue prince came in. “What do you want?” the princess asked. “Hello. My name is Shane, I am the blue prince. I just want to ask you if…” he began and started looking right into her face. Victoria’s face turned red. Yes, she had fallen in love with him. His blue hair was a sign that he was from the blue country. “Do you want to make a union with my country?” “Maybe…” she stuttered. “Just think about it. I will be back in a few days!” “O… okay!” and the blue prince made his way to the green country to meet his girlfriend. Part IV Meanwhile in the green country: Victor was in the green country to buy a black dress for his sister and it took him a couple of days to go there. After he had bought the dress, he was walking down the market place. Suddenly, he slipped and a friendly girl with green, long hair came up to him and helped him standing up again. “Oh, thank you!” he said while his face went red like a tomato. The moment he fell in love with her was when he looked into her pretty face. With the cutest voice he had ever heard, she said: “Hello, I’m Sophia!” “And I am Victor” he answered. “Victor? Victoria’s brother? The yellow country’s princess? Are you her twin?” “No! he lied “I’m just a poor farmer from the yellow country!” he told her. “Ok, it wouldn’t be good if you were her twin!” “Yes, that would be terrible!” he kept lying. “Hi!” somebody suddenly said. Sophia turned around and saw Shane, her boyfriend. “Hello! I’m so happy to see you again! Where have you been?” “Um…at home!” said Shane. He didn’t tell her that he visited the yellow princess and about the plans he had. “Great! I hope you missed me!” Sophia laughed and kissed him. Victor wasn’t very pleased. “Let’s go, I want to be alone with you. And who’s that guy?” “I am Victor” Victor said. “Sorry Victor. I have to go. Maybe we’ll meet in the next couple of weeks somewhere. Or earlier…who knows. It would be great!” “Um…yes that would be nice” he stuttered. Sophia and Shane walked away and Victor slowly and disappointed went home. Part V Back in the yellow country: Victoria noticed something on the floor. It was an amulet with two pictures in it. On the left side there was a girl with green, long hair. There was a name, too: Sophia. “Sophia” the princess thought “I hate you.” Why? Because the amulet was in a heart shape and on the right side there was a photo of Shane. She broke the amulet in two halves and kept waiting for her brother to come back home. When her brother stepped into her room, she was sitting on her chair and was still starring on the broken amulet. “I’m back, Victoria! But what’s that on the floor?” “That’s the boy I am in love with!” When Victor saw the picture his only thought was: “Oh no! That’s really strange.” “But…” Victoria smiled. “…there is a little problem!” “What’s the problem?” Victor asked. “This girl!” She was pointing at Sophia’s picture. “I want you to kill her!” she ordered. “Um…o-o-oka-okay… I…I wi-will do it...” Victor said and started to shake. He felt desperate. His sister expected him to kill the girl he was in love with. But he was her servant. He had to do it. So he travelled sadly to the green country, where he had arranged a meeting with Sophia. They met in the forest. His hand carefully grabbed the knife he had in his bag. “Why do you want to meet me here? It’s really scary!” she asked. “I just have to do what I have to do!” Victor started to cry. “Why are you crying? Are you sad?” asked Sophia with her cut voice. Victor suddenly fell into her arms. “I love you!” he whispered while he took his knife and put it into her back. He killed her. “I- it’s ok…” Sophia said as she slowly died in his arms while he was crying he tried to explain to her why she had to die. But she couldn’t hear him anymore…  Part VI Same day in the green country: On this beautiful day Shane went for a walk in the forest. After a few minutes he found Sophia on the ground and thought: “Why is Sophia sleeping here?” Then he came closer. When he touched her hand, it was cold. He realized that she was dead and started to cry. After a while he started to wonder who had killed her. Then he saw it: there was hair on her shoulder. A yellow hair! “The princess. I knew it! It was her who ordered to kill Sophia!” he thought. Meanwhile in the yellow country: Victoria thought: “Could it be that Shane is in love with another girl? A girl with green hair?” She shouted for her servant. “I’m here. You don’t have to shout.” “Victor, I want you to kill everybody with green hair!” “O-okay…” he said. He was too scared to ask why. So the next day he started to attack the green country and his army was so strong, that he killed everybody with green hair. There was just one girl who survived. Yes, it was Haku. Her white hair saved her life. Part VII In the green country: While there had been war in the green country, a very important meeting took place. Maike was praying for her mother at the churchyard, when Shane came to find a good place where he could burry Sophia. “Hello.” He whispered to Maike. “I’m Shane.” It was very embarrassing for Maike that somebody came up to her because she had tears in her eyes. “I am Maike” she whispered back. “I’m here because my mother’s buried here” she said and pointed at her mother’s grave. “It’s Victoria’s fault that my mother is dead now, the yellow princess. “My girlfriend is dead, too because the yellow princess ordered to kill her.” Shane sadly said. “I’m so sorry for you. Um… are you the blue prince?” “Yes, I am.” “That’s great! Do you have an army?” “Sure I do!” “Do you want to help me?” “How?” he asked surprised. “You and me could use your army to kill the princess. We have to kill her guards first. That should be easy because they had been fighting against the green country not long ago, so they should be very weak right now!” And this is how they started to plan a war. Part VIII In the blue and yellow country: After the “green war” was over, it was the perfect time to attack the yellow country. Maike, Shane, their army and all the yellow people (they didn’t want to die so they joined them) made their way to the palace. Meanwhile in the yellow palace: “Princess!” “It’s hard for me, but they won’t come in here, will they?” “Sure they will. They want to kill you. But I want to do you a last favour “Victor said and gave her a brown coat. “You have to put on that coat and I will wear your dress.” They changed their clothes. Victoria now looked like the daughter of a poor farmer and Victor looked like the princess. “We are twins, nobody will notice it.” said Victor. “You can’t do that, Victor!” Victoria cried. “I have to because I am your servant. Now run as fast as you can! Go somewhere they won’t ever find you! Escape, Victoria!” A few seconds after Victoria had left, Maike came in with a sword in her hand. “Princess, you killed my mother. I will kill you!” But the “princess” just smiled. Part IX Again in the yellow country: They put Victor into prison and believed that it was Victoria. In there, Victor was thinking of his sister a lot. And now he had to die only because his sister was so evil. “But it was all my fault. It was me who killed all the people, not my sister…” he thought. A few days later, Victor’s last day had come. Maike went to the market place with Victor, where his execution would take place. Then he suddenly noticed a familiar face in the crowd. It was his sister. She was crying. “Last words?” asked Maike. “I hope we’ll see each other in another life…”he smiled to his sister. She smiled back. After a terrible noise, he was dead. Victoria started to cry and ran away while the yellow people were cheering. “Now, you are my people! The yellow country doesn’t exist anymore! You’re part of the blue country now!” Shane shouted and everybody was happy. Part X A few days later in the yellow country: Victoria met a girl in a church. The girl lived there and Victoria wanted to live there, too. They both didn’t have any other place to go to. The girl had white hair and was called Haku. Haku didn’t know that the girl she met was the yellow princess. So they started to live there together and every evening Victoria went to the beach with a piece of paper and a bottle. She opened the bottle and put a little paper inside the bottle. The paper says: “Please, I just want to see my brother one more time.” Haku saw her when she was crying: “Only one more time, please!” Suddenly something happened. Haku couldn’t believe her eyes. A boy appeared behind Victoria and said: “It would be great if we met in another life, princess Victoria.” “Victor! Wait!” Victoria cried, but he was gone. “Thank you, God!” she screamed. Haku had prepared dinner, but while she was watching her she thought: “That must be Victoria. Yellow hair. Princess…She... She’s the evil princess!” Haku took her knife and came up to her. “Victoria. You killed my friend, my best friend!” she cried. “What?” Victoria was scared. “Now, you have to…” whispered Haku while she was taking out her knife “…die!” The princess smiled while she was bleeding to death. Haku stayed in the church because she was very religious. She lived there alone forever. Shane and Maike lived together in the blue palace. They fell in love with each other. They got married and had many children: little boys with blue hair and cute girls with red hair. They lived happily ever after. Moral of the story: The ‘Evil Princess’ became so evil because nobody, except of her brother, liked her when she was young. The reason for that was that she was a little bit different. As a result the whole green country had to die because she wanted it that way. We should stop our prejudices and accept each other. War will never be a solution for our problems. We should stop war worldwide and live together in happiness. The End
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