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The secret of the eight eyed monster (by Valeska Dionisio-Münch)

At dawn Conner wakes up in the middle of a forest. He almost doesn't remember anything- he just remembers his sister. Everything that’s on his mind is to look for his sister, but everything that he sees is grey and black. As he decides to look for her he finds bones and smells something rotten. He walks deeper into the forest but he can't see anything. Sometime later he sees many bugs. Inside of one bug there is a girl whose name is Sunny. He helps her and she starts to tell him everything about what has happened to her: "Me and my brother, we were playing in the forest, and in the end he bet that I wouldn't spend one night alone in the forest. He walked out of the forest and suddenly I was all alone. I went deeper into the forest and when I suddenly heard a noise, I turned around. In this very moment a huge spider net fell onto me. The next thing I saw was eight red eyes and then everything got black. After I had woken up, I found myself inside this bug." After some time, they arrived at a big lake and had a little break. "How can we go to the other side of the lake?" Sunny asked. "We might swim or we should better find a boat!" Conner replied. "Really? Do you want to swim across the lake? You must be crazy! The other side is too far away!" "It was just a joke. I'm going to search something that we could use as a boat. Wait here.” Conner in fact found a little boat behind a tree. He shouted: "Hey Sunny! I found something, come here and help me!" They pushed the boat into the lake and sailed to the middle of it when they suddenly noticed they were trapped. They tried to move the boat but Conner realized that the boat was bound by hands. When he told Sunny about it she began to cry - she was very scared - . Finally Conner managed to move the boat towards dry land . Sunny was so happy that she fell into his arms. She said: "I won’t be a child of the lake." He calmed her and they slowly fell asleep. Suddenly they woke up because they heard a scream. Then there was silence. They heard footsteps and a groan. Both of them stayed in the boat, until they didn’t hear anything at all. “Everything’s fine, don’t be afraid” he whispered. As they went, on Conner wanted to know more about Sunny, so he asked her some questions. "Come on, let's play a game!" he suggested. "OK, what kind of game?" "I’ll ask you a question about yourself and you’ll have to answer it. After that it’ll be your turn and you’ll ask me and I’ll answer. Do you understand?" "Of course. Who begins?" Sunny asked excitedly. "You!" "Alright. What's your full name?" "My name is Conner O'Dell. Now it’s my turn. When is your birthday?" "I was born on the 24th of February, 1999." "So you're 14!" she pointed out. "Yes, and how old are you?" "I'm 14, too but in two days I’ll be turning 15. Where are you from?" "I'm from Germany, but now I live in Salisbury. We arrived here three days ago." "Where exactly do you live in Salisbury?" "Hey, it's my turn! But because I'm a friendly girl, I'll answer your question. I live near Salisbury Cathedral. Ok, now it’s time for my question. Where do you live?" "I live right in the centre of Salisbury. What about your family?" "I have two brothers, Max is five years old and Jasper is 17. We live with my father. My mother died three years ago. What about you?" "I just have a sister, I really hope we'll find her soon, she’s only 13!" He was very worried. It was just a game, but Sunny realized that nothing was more important to him right now than his sister. There was silence between them as they suddenly noticed a girl running away from something. At first, they couldn’t see what it was, but after a closer look they could see more clearly what she was running away from – there it was, a monster with eight red eyes. They started to run after the girl and when they saw a cave, they ran into it. The girl was there, too, just as they had thought. They could hear the monster passing by and relaxed for a moment. Conner took a closer look at the girl and noticed that it was his sister Carrie. He hugged her like crazy and simply couldn’t believe that he was holding her in his arms again. They were talking to each other excitedly and told each other everything that had happened before. After an hour they went on and as they were walking through the dark forest again three spider nets fell onto them –they were lost. The monster was slowly coming out moving towards them. The moonlight was shining at the creature and Conner could see all its ugly details. It had eight frightening red eyes, a big mouth with two rows of razor-sharp teeth. Its body was hairy; it had three long arms and four legs on each side. It looked awfully dreadful. At first the creature grabbed Carrie and broke her neck. Then it grabbed Sunny, bit off her head and chucked it away. In the end it grabbed Conner and in this very moment, he couldn't see anything. He was just screaming: “Noooooo, noooooo, noooooo!” Conner wakes up. It was a nightmare, just a silly nightmare. He was happy as he was running downstairs, where his sister was already waiting for him to go and catch the school bus. When he hugged her, she couldn’t understand and was quite surprised. In the first lesson, the principal comes into their classroom. “Good morning class 7A. I want to present your new classmate to you. Her name is Sunny Kup.” Conner could hardly believe his eyes. The girl looked like Sunny, the girl from his nightmare. In the moment she had seen him she came up to him and sat down next to him. Three weeks later they had become the best friends ever and knew everything about one another. The nightmare that Conner once had was forgotten. But when they were passing a forest one day, Conner thought he had heard something: “Did you hear that? There was something in there!" "Oh, Conner, don’t be paranoid. It was nothing!" Sunny laughed. "You're probably right. Let’s keep walking." And just as they went along, eight red eyes appeared in the darkness of the forest. The End
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