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The life of Johann (by Jasmin Fügenschuh)

Once upon a time in Nuremberg in 1487 there was an old monk. His name was Johann and he had a good life in the monastery. But his life was as normal as many lives in the world…he thought so. So the journey started…He didn’t know that something would happen with him. He noticed it in the late evening on October 14th 1487. He was walking through the forest and was looking for birds. He was amazed because the birds hadn’t been singing for two or three days. But when he looked into the branches there were many nests with birds. Something was in the air, but he couldn’t find out what it was. So he went deeper into the forest and saw a narrow stream between some stones. In the stream there was blood. His heart was beating faster and faster and he suddenly was very afraid. He ran through the forest as fast as he could, and stopped when he saw a little figure. The figure smiled at him. It was a little, tiny old woman. Her skin was pale and he could see her veins shining through her pale skin. He noticed immediately that she wasn’t alive anymore. The air smelled like flowers in spring. He was staring at her for a long time, when the woman started to walk towards him. He got scarred and wanted to run away, but he couldn’t. The little woman was staring at him in return, but she didn`t say a word. Johann went away because he was tired - he closed his eyes. When he opened them again he saw burning people everywhere. But there were also some people whose bodies were blown up by water. He heard somebody screaming, but he didn’t notice that he was the one who was screaming. Suddenly, everything in front of his eyes blurred . When he opened his eyes again, each figure had disappeared…he was alone and now he knew who the dead people were. They were witches and wizards, who were sentenced to death wrongly. Their souls were still in the forest where they once died. Johann knew that these dead people had given him a task. He had to stop the burning of witches. With the help of the people’s souls he had success and the dead souls were able to find peace. The End
18.8.13 11:04
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